Top 5 Interview Questions

Congratulations! You passed the first interview!

How did your first interview go? Were you asked any questions you couldn’t answer? Have you thought about the Top 5 Interview Questions?

  1. What is your greatest achievement? (Could be adapted for similar questions like “What are your strengths?”, “When have you been successful?”, “What are you most proud of?” etc)
  2. When have you failed? (A question that we all dread hearing; but with a SAR, you can take a negative situation, explain the steps you took, and then give a result like “As a result of this situation, I learned that abc def ged”. Other questions that you could use a similar answer for might include “What is your weakness?”, “What do you need to improve?”, “When have you really struggled with something?”
  3. How have you dealt with conflict? (Similar questions: “How do you work with others?”, “How do you work with people that are older / younger / more experienced / less experienced / disabled / visible minorities/etc”)
  4. What are your long term goals, and what are you doing about them? (Employers do NOT want to hear about your financial freedom, retirement plans, or grand-babies… what they’re really wondering is do you set goals, and do you actively work towards them?)
  5. Can you do ABC? (This question refers to any specific skill that an employer might be looking for. For example, they might ask if you can use Microsoft Office; if you can give an answer that actually demonstrates your proficiency (rather than just saying “yes!”, your credibility will be MUCH improved!!!)

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